Dr. Nachko Tchalmanov was born on November 8, 1964 in Sofia. Completes his medical education at the Medical Academy in Sofia in late 1991

The next year he joined Sheynovo Gynecological Hospital (now II SAGBAL “Sheinovo”), where he works to this day. He takes his exam for the specialty of obstetrics and gynecology in 1998. Dr. Tchalmanov is a leading specialist in laparoscopic surgery in gynecology, holds certificates of competence in the recovery of the pelvic floor by the PROLIFT method (Pelvic Organ Prolapse reconstruction) and surgical treatment of urinary incontinence by the TVT Secur method. He is a well sought participant and presenter at many international conferences conducted by authoritative international organizations such as FIGO (International Federation of Gynaecology and Obstetrics), WHO and others.

The babies who are born thanks to the experienced hands of Dr. Tchalmanov are in the thousands. He is one of the leading Bulgarian specialists in family planning with a degree in reproductive health and family planning by the World Health Organization. Among his many interests are stem cells storage and the methods for stem cells treatment.

Certificates and Diplomas